Google — September, 2018
The TensorFlow team at Google invited me to give a talk on Remora's programming model, type system, and open problems. A preliminary visit earlier in the week had brought up data frame computation, so this is the first exploration of adding heterogeneous records to Remora as a way to work with data frames. While the thesis proposal is currently the most thorough overview of the Remora project, the REPL-session style used in much of this talk is probably easier to understand without the speaker.
Nvidia — August, 2015
Part 2 of a 2-part series based on the ESOP 2014 talk, describing the design of Remora to the team while interning at Nvidia.
INRIA — November, 2013
This was an early "project status report" while visiting INRIA Rocquencourt during my advisor's sabbatical there. Since I had a fairly long time slot to fill, this includes a lot of worked-out examples of evaluating rank-polymorphic code as well as a tour of the formal reduction rules and some typing rules.